Our business was created in 2005 by James and Ben Healy with a dream of making renewable fuel from vegetable oils. The focus quickly turned to used cooking oil as soy bean oil prices soared with other commodities. By 2007 Healy Biodiesel was properly permitted and selling B100 biodiesel fuel out of their Sedgwick, KS facility. The company continued to grow in fuel sales and cooking oil collections, expanding collections into multiple states and forming strategic partnerships to cover a broader area.


In 2012 Healy entered into a partnership with WB Services, LLC to build a biodiesel and renewable diesel plant at a nearby location in Sedgwick, KS. Unfortunately, the partnership wasn’t meant to be and on July 28th, 2013 there was a fire at the new Green Energy Products biodiesel plant. The fire was a complete loss to the biodiesel plant, sparing only the collection trucks and some outdoor tanks. Since the fire, Healy has reestablished independently as before, focusing on overall client needs, cooking oil collection, and now grease trap service. At the new facility located just outside of Wichita, KS, Healy has built a tank farm with over 90,000 gallons of product storage capacity. We continue to reinvest into the company, making products and services for our clients better every day.

From humble beginnings with building the business from a single client, Healy now services over 1000 locations and is growing strong due to commitment to our customers and a loyal following.  Thank you to all our loyal and great customers who continue to allow us to provide the best service and pricing in the area!